DNSmonitor KB - Dashboard Guide

Setup subscription

This is the starting panel you will meet on your first login after signing up.

In order to get going you first need to enter a domain name you'd like to monitor. Press the Configure button and the configuration engine will set everything up for you. The configuration process will only take a few seconds and will redirect you to the Add  a domain page for further domain registrations.

This is pretty much it for the registration of your first domain. You can see the result from each check run in the Monitoring Dashboard. The result from the first check run might not be available for up to a minute from the initial configuration.

You can also select to modify or add monitoring locations and add resource records to monitor by marking the domain name in the left panel (see more about this in the Manage Domains page.

A few notes about what constitutes a domain name and a few hints of what is not a domain name
They might look similar but should not be confused with one another.


These are domain names. Specifically they are 2nd level domain names, with the first level being the root (the trailing dot), the first level being the Top level domain name (like country code or generic like the .com domain.

Note: You don't have to add the trailing dot when enter the domain name in the DNSmonitor dashboard. We'll assume it's there!


These are fully qualified domain names (FQDN) which in these instances points to a specific host.

If these names should qualify as domain names that would mean that the www and dashboard entries are subdomains to example.com and dnsmonitor.com respectively.


These are URL's or Uniform Resource Locators (usually prefixed with a http:// or a https://) and are used to locate instances on a server. An URL usually is comprised of a domain name, a host name and a search pattern (after the slash).