DNSmonitor KB - Dashboard Guide

Manage Subscriptions

On the subscriptions page you manage payment and the different aspects of your subscribed domains.


This is the overview of the domains you currently monitor, the number of additional hosts and locations and the subscription type for each domain.


The domain monitoring object.

Additional Locations

The number of added locations from the initial three. If the number is 2 the domain is monitored from 5 locations.

Additional Host records

The number of additional Host resource records monitored in addition to the number that is included in the subscription type.

Subscription type

The current subscription type. This is a drop-down box where you can view or change the subscription type of the domain.

Changing subscription type

The subscription type is changed immediately.

In a downgrade situation, ie a downgrade from Premium to Basic/Free or Basic to Free, the fee is reduced when the next payment period starts.

In an upgrade situation, ie Free to Basic/Premium or Basic to Premium, the additional cost for the current payment period is charged to your account.

Unallocated items

The number of Items payed for but not allocated for the current payment period. If left these numbers will be reduced to zero (0) at next payment.

If you are on a yearly payment plan you should consider keeping these numbers at zero. Otherwise it is a waste of good money.

Payment details

In the Payment details panel you can view and manage all payment related details.

Payment frequency

This drop-down box set the payment frequency. Select between Monthly and Yearly payments. The selection is global and affects the payment frequency for all domains. The change will come in effect at the date of the next payment.

Next payment

Specifies the date the next payment is charged the active credit card.

Total amount

Specifies the total amount that will be charged your credit card at the next payment date. The amount is calculated for the currently active monitoring setup.

Active card

The currently active credit card. Manage the card details by using the Add, Change and Delete links. You will be redirected to the Stripe website for the credit card management.


Here you can view all past and present invoices for your account.