DNSmonitor KB - Dashboard Guide


On the history page you can search for historical check result for your domains and locations.

The amount of historical data available (data retention) depends on the subscription type.

  • Premium - 2 months
  • Basic - 1 month
  • Free - 2 weeks

Use the drop-down boxes to refine your search.

From: / To:

Set the start and end dates of your search. A handy calendar appears as you click inside any of these boxes.


Select the domain from the drop-down box. Leave blank to include all domains.


Select the location or locations you are interested in. Leave blank to include all active locations.


Select the severities to be included in your search result. Leave blank to include all severities.

Search results

View individual results

When clicking the View link on the right each dashboard view appears as it was when the check was run. The different views depend on subscription type.