DNSmonitor KB - Dashboard Guide

Even though we've taken the utmost care to form the DNSmonitor dashboard as self explanatory as possible, there are still things that might not be as clear to you as it is to us.

This guide will help you navigate and operate the dashboard, maybe shed some light about why it looks like it does. It is our sincere hope that you find this guide useful in your day-to-day job.


Top menu bar

In the top menu bar you find different items that let you navigate to the specific section you need for the moment.

We have built this guide to follow each menu item and explain what it does and when you might need to use them.


This is where all the current monitoring data are displayed for your domains. Depending on your selected subscription type the dashboard layout may vary.


On the History page you are able to search through up to two months of historical check results.


From the manage meny you control all available configurable items, like domains and alerts.


In the legal menu you find our SLA, privacy and cookies policy. Also available on our main website.


By klicking the logout meny item you log yourself out from the dashboard.

Bottom menu bar

When clicking on the full-screen icon in the bottom right corner you enter full screen mode, which remove top and bottom menus and expand the browser to fill the entire screen. You leave full screen mode by pressing the escape key.