About DNSmonitor

DNS monitor started in 2000, originally as an independent consulting company, capitalising on past experience from IT security, data communication and system administration in both the private and public sector. As assignments changed over time, the focus shifted to a more specialised concentration on Internet services in general and DNS in particular.

The idea of a specialised monitoring system with focus on DNS gradually grew until the first embryo was developed around 2010.

From mid 2010, selected parts of the monitoring code have been in production with several pilot customers, but it wasn’t until 2016 funding was secured to build the final on-line monitoring system.

The knowledge of the intricate parts of the DNS protocol and the “magic” of troubleshooting is now packaged into one easy configured and flexible monitoring system.

A word from the founder

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Henrik Dahlberg Founder & CEO, DNSmonitor.com

"Everything started when I came in contact with my first DNS. This was way back in 1994 when BIND 4 running on Solaris machines was state of the art. DNS really caught my attention and arose my curiosity! Since then I have installed, configured and troubleshooted more DNS systems than I can remember. It was during these years I reached the conclusion that not to many people have the necessary skills to operate, and troubleshoot todays advanced DNS systems.

To remedy that, I set out on a quest to build the ultimate DNS monitoring system, in which I could incorporate all the experience and knowledge I had acquired throughout the years. With focus on building an easy to use system that would minimise the need for expert DNS knowledge from the end user, I managed to secure funding and were on my way.

The result, you can read about on this website. I urge you to try it out! Use the 30 day trial period to get acquainted with the service and find out how easy it is to use and just how much you can benefit from it!"


- Henke