DNS Hijacking campaign revisited

The exposure of the 2019 DNS Hijacking Campaign was one of the most terrifying security news in recent years. The implications of these attacks are potentially far worse than any cyber attack known so far.

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DNS data integrity

The purpose of every DNS is to deliver correct data in an orderly manner to every query.
To maintain the data integrity of the DNS zone content it needs to be monitored, otherwise it is just a phrase without meaning.
To monitor DNS data integrity is one of two main features of our service.

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DNSSEC – pros and cons

DNSSEC is the best thing that has happened since the invention of sliced bread!
But why are only about 3% of all domains DNSSEC enabled? And why is the adoption rate so slow?
This is our take on the challenges we face as we slowly adopt one of the most important security additions of our time.

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DNS Hijacking Campaign

In late January 2019 the DHS CISA issued its first ever Emergency Directive (ED 2019-01) concerning attacks targeting DNS servers and their content in a globally widespread DNS Infrastructure Hijacking campaign.

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Monitoring DNS availability

Pretty much all Internet communication relies on the availability of the DNS system. If the DNS is down, the Internet seems down.
DNS monitor check every Internet facing authoritative DNS server for the monitored domain, making sure that the domain is responding to queries.

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