DNS monitor is a subscription based service providing monitoring of DNS zone data integrity and availability.
The DNS play a central and critical role in all Internet communication. To monitor its key components only make sense.

Unresponsive DNS servers will impact your sites availability and can cause loss of revenue.


Ensure content correctness to make sure that every connection is routed to the intended target.


Nobody likes slow connections. Make sure your DNS servers aren't causing them.


Configuration errors can leak information that put your entire organisation at risk.

DNS monitor can help

We provide our subscribers with continuous monitoring of the integrity and availability of their DNS servers and resource records.

DNS threats and exposure

The DNS was introduced in 1984 to provide Internet-wide translation of computer names into IP addresses to allow the continuous growth of the Internet. Due to its exposed and central role the DNS is constantly targeted by hackers.

Common attacks against the DNS aim to manipulate DNS data in order to redirect traffic through hacker controlled infrastructure. Usually referred to as man-in-the-middle attacks, they allow the hacker to eavesdrop and record session traffic usually without detection. Once a hacker gains control and successfully can manipulate the DNS data his options are virtually unlimited.

Attacks on DNS infrastructure is more common than you might think.

Attacks on the DNS infrastructure happens on a daily basis but the hijacking attacks exposed in early 2019 were of a much larger scale and with an unprecedented success rate. These attacks went unnoticed for two full years before being detected and exposed. This is undeniable evidence of the skill level the hackers of today possess. Read more about the attacks in our article DNS Hijacking campaign revisited.

The sheer magnitude of these attacks, their success rate and the implications that followed compelled the American agency DHS CISA to issue its first ever Emergency Directive (ED 19-01) requiring all US agencies to complete four mitigating actions within ten business days! The first item on that list was to audit and validate every DNS resource record on every authoritative name server!

No matter how many and how effective you think your security countermeasures are, continuous validation of your DNS resource records is invaluable and probably the only way to find out if your DNS infrastructure is being hijacked.

Subscription types

Subscription type is selected on a per domain basis.


The Free subscription is limited to one domain per account and is run at an hourly interval.

The free account features the Integrity and Availability checks displayed as two entities in the dashboard.

A Free subscription can easily be upgraded to either a Basic or a Premium subscription.


The Basic subscription features everything the Free subscription offers but is run at 5 minute intervals.

You can configure host resource records to monitor and add additional monitoring locations.

The Basic subscription can seamlessly be upgraded to a Premium subscription without any loss of data.


This is our flagship subscription. All Basic features are includes as well as detailed results and descriptions of every single check. All future added functionality and features will automatically be included in the Premium subscription without any additional cost.

A premium subscription can be downgraded to Basic or Free, but not without losing data.