DNS monitor - What is DNS monitor?

What is DNS monitor?

DNS monitor is a subscription based monitoring service specialised in monitoring data integrity and availability of domains and DNS servers.

With the 2019 DNS Hijacking Campaign in fresh memory, many organizations still doesn't monitor changes to domain records or even the availability of their DNS servers. DNS monitor can remedy that.

Our service help you detect unauthorized changes to key DNS records, avoid unneccesary DNS infrastructure downtime and monitor many useful DNS related features.

DNS monitor - Avoid losing online revenue

Avoid losing online revenue!

It is highly unlikely that your potential customers will alert you about not reaching your sites, which means it is entirely up to you to make sure that your sites are reachable.

As a result you might very well lose online revenue simply by not knowing! DNS monitor can help you focus on your core business by constantly keeping an eye on your name servers.

Read more about the monitoring features and benefits below

Key features


DNS monitor checks the connectivity to your DNS servers and validates that the domain is active and responds to queries.


Zone data integrity

Validates that the zone content is consistent across your name servers and that the data originate from the same source.



Records and tracks each name servers response times and possible time outs.



Checks each DNS server for configuration errors that might leak compromising data.


What our customers say

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Thomas Liljenstam CEO, Liljan Invest

"We are one of the first customers and used DNSmonitor for more than five years. Although the earlier versions of DNSmonitor worked great, the latest release on their own platform is an awesome improvement!"

Simon Berglund CEO, AppShack

"We use DNSmonitor to monitor our clients name servers. It has saved our clients on more than one occasion when we had been completely unaware of their DNS problems without the DNS monitoring service."

Patrik Hansson Founder, Vobling

"DNSmonitor has eliminated our last blind spot, the DNS. Whenever something happens with our DNS infrastructure, we get alerted and can remedy the problems on a moments notice."